Which One Are You?

Badventist   You find the Church you grew up in too rigid for the kind of lifestyle you choose to live. After growing up, you discovered that most of what you learned (in Church or school) was petty and sometimes wholly wrong or irrelevant. 

Madventist  You are angry at the Church because you were mistreated. The Church has hurt you beyond belief, and you are furious for the way you were made to feel. 

Sadventist You are neither mad nor feel misaligned with the Church. If you think about it, you feel sorry for the Church. There are some good things that you are grateful for - growing up in the Church - but for the most part, you pity the Church and feel sad about its direction. 

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My Story 

                                                                    Hey there, I am glad you clicked on that Facebook link to find this                                                                                            secret page on my website. Concierge Minister is a service that                                                                                                reaches secular, unchurched, dischurched; people may have been                                                                                          blind-sighted by the Church but have not given up on God. 

 My name is Kumar Dixit. I am a third-generation Seventh-day  Adventist. My grandfather was converted from Hinduism to the Adventist Church and retired as a church administrator. Both of my parents worked for the denomination. They loved (and obeyed) every aspect of the Church. I went to Adventist schools and was very active in my youth ministry. Eventually, I became an ordained Adventist minister and even did a stint as the Ministerial Director of a Conference. 


Over the years, I have been treated poorly by church members and conference leaders. I have been lied to, stabbed in the back (too many times to count), and fired (long, unfair story, not worth digging up). Sadly, it took me a long time to realize I was dependent on my self-worth from the Church instead of getting it from God and digging deep into myself. 


Here is what I discovered after some intense therapy... I have a love/hate relationship with the denomination. I am grateful for my upbringing and theological foundation, but I have outgrown the limited shell I was stuck in.  In some ways, I outgrew the Church, to be honest. It has been a painful journey. The other significant discovery is that I equated the denomination with holiness (i.e., my relationship with God). I am so embarrassed to write this down, but it is true. 

So what's next? Why did I click-bait you to this page? I want you to know that you may have lost faith in the Church (for a good reason), but please do not lose your faith in God. If you need direction in your spiritual journey, I want to be your pastor. If you feel confused, forgotten, bypassed, lost, let me navigate you back to Jesus. This letter is an invitation to hire me (for free) as your Concierge Minister. No gimmicks. I sincerely want to serve as your spiritual director - so you are back on the journey towards God. Take some time looking over this website, and prayerfully consider reengaging with Jesus if you aren't already.  



ConciergeMinister (at) gmail (dot) com

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