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Clinical Pastoral Education

My name is Kumar Dixit, and I am an ordained minister. I have been a pastor of some large, ethnically diverse congregations in the United States and Canada. I have also served as a University Chaplain, radio chaplain, hospital, and hospice chaplain. 


I have been the Ministerial Director (the pastor’s pastor) in British Columbia, Canada. In addition, I have been the director of the bereavement in hospice. Currently, I am an administrator for Palliative Medicine in Maryland. I also have taught courses in religion, theology, ethics, world religions, marketing in the University setting. I currently teach for John’s Hopkins School of Osher for Lifelong Learning.

My education includes a Master's degree in Religion, a doctor of ministry from Wesley Theological Seminary (D.C.). I am a board-certified pastoral counselor and board-certified clinical chaplain. 

A new unit will begin May 21, 2024 from 6pm-10pm EST.


Note:  There is a required orientation for new cohorts on May 14, from 7-9 pm EST.  


Class starts May 21, 6:00 - 10:00 pm EST, and runs for 17 consecutive weeks. The last day of class is September 10. Please keep September 17 open, in case we need a make-up day. There is one instance where we will not meet on Tuesday, May 28, but Thursday, May 30. You are allowed two absences.


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Thanks for your interest in Clinical Pastoral Education! The best way to explain the process and the program is by responding to a Frequently Asked Questions format. I hope everything is clear below, and it will give you the needed information to make a good decision. Feel free to email me at if you have any more questions or want to set up a 15-minute zoom meeting to explain anything else better.  


Frequently Asked Questions


What is CPE? 

Clinical Pastoral Education is a specialty in pastoral ministry. Most candidates have been trained to be pastors – to promote ecclesiology and evangelism, among other disciplines. Chaplaincy is unique because it doesn’t have a plan, like converting someone or disciple them into their deeper faith. Rather, the CPE program helps you discover more about yourself to serve people better wherever they are on their journey.

What is an SIT program? I am currently a supervisor in training under the authority and guidance of Dr. Deborah Digel, a diplomate at CPSP. I will be facilitating the CPE program independently. However, I will check with her weekly and record all of our classes for review.  


How will CPE help my current ministry? Clinical pastoral education is a life-changing experience that will prepare you to become a strong counselor. You will also discover the critical theory and practical elements that sharpen your bedside manners and home visits.


How can this help me professionally? Upon completing the CPE program, you will have opportunities to engage in professional chaplaincy outside of your denomination. You could serve as a chaplain in a hospital, police department, hospice, airport, and more.  


How many weeks is the course? The training is seventeen weeks long.  You can skip two sessions for personal reasons (sickness, vacation, or professional reasons). If you miss over two sessions, you may lose the credit tuition and be asked to start over. 

How much does it cost? The total cost of the CPE unit ranges is $1200.  You can pay in full, or I will accept payment in three installments.


Is this course offered in person or online? Online, via Zoom. Please plan always to have your camera on. A good lighting source (window, ring light) to communicate. 


Look for a private, quiet spot to help avoid outside disruptions (kids, barking dogs, etc.) You will not be considered “present” if you are driving, on a field trip, traveling, etc.


What are the expectations during the course?

  1. 300 hours – You are required to complete 300 clinical hours - These hours can be completed at your local church, hospital, or other clinical settings. You will be given a form to complete each week to track your hours and then submit them to me.  

  2. 100 Hours of supervision—You will be expected to have a supervisory meeting with me weekly or bi-weekly. The one hundred hours are included in the weekly group meetings.  

  3. 2 Book reviews and presentations – You will be given a list of required reading assignments that should be covered during the four CPE units. You must select two books and then submit a written report and public presentation (in class) on your studied material.

  4. Didactic presentations—Every week, I will cover a didactic on a specific topic to help you grow in your discipline. The purpose is also to better understand the particular needs of persons receiving ministry. This is a short lecture, with discussion to further the conversation.

  5. Autobiography – Every candidate will write and then present their autobiography. This document will help you better understand who you are, discover trends about your life that will shape your spiritual journey, as well as chaplaincy. The autobiography is also a requirement for board certification hence you will rewrite and shape your autobiography in every unit until it is crafted and prepared for certification.  

  6. Case Presentations are also known as the Verbatim. A detailed reporting and evaluation of the practice of ministry will be presented throughout the unit. The case presentation demonstrates your interactions with patients and counselees.


If I already have a CPE unit completed from a few years ago, will that count, or do I have to start over? As long as you can prove you completed the CPE unit through a credentialed trainer and show your certificate or final exam document that your supervisor signed, you will be able to keep your credit.  


Does the CPE program accepted outside of the United States? Yes, there are chapters in Africa, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean. (there are many more countries, but I have listed those from the countries connected with me).


After I have completed four units, what is the next step? While you are in your fourth unit, you will be encouraged to join a local chapter of CPSP. Upon completion, you can prepare for board certification as a pastoral counselor or clinical chaplain – becoming nationally recognized.  

Can I have taken more than four units of CPE? Yes. Some people are known to earn multiple units to grow in their field.  


What’s next? How do I get started? 

  • Fill out the application.

  • Pay $100 non-refundable application fee (Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, or Paypal)

  • Schedule a 30 minute zoom interview with me

  • Upon admittance into the program, you will receive the syllabus and book list. You will also receive a learning contract with a financial agreement.  


Become acquainted with the national organization CPSP and other resources.

Click here to learn more

What People are Saying 

I’ve known Kumar for almost two decades as a colleague on staff as we worked at the same local congregation, as his client as he designed resources for pastors, and as part of his denominational support system as he supervised a large team of pastors. I highly recommend Kumar for supervisor training for CPE. He is extremely gifted in this area, and I’ve personally observed his skill set innumerable times. What I find outstanding is that he has done the hard work of knowing himself so he can minister to others. Dave Gemmell, D.Min, Associate Ministerial Director, North American Division, retired.

When we hired Kumar to join our pastoral team in the British Columbia Conference I knew immediately that we had hired an incredibly gifted pastor and leader. An individual who would in time not only be a blessing to the church family to which he was assigned but also to his fellow colleagues throughout the province of British Columbia. What I greatly appreciated about Kumar was that he possessed an attitude of a learner. He never came across as a no-it-all even though he definitely is an incredibly bright and well learned leader as well as an excellent preacher. His humble approach to ministry made him accessible to everyone and created in his church a climate of acceptance regardless of where you were in your walk with God.  When he accepted the position of Ministerial Director it was with the condition that he would continue with his pastoral responsibilities as he felt as a practitioner he would be more effective when coaching and training pastoral interns which indeed proved to be the case. When Kumar accepted an opportunity in the USA we lost a highly gifted pastor, coach, and trainer for not only our interns but for our entire pastoral team.

Kumar has been very supportive of my clinical pastoral educational journey. He has great intuition and understands when to show grace and when to show tough love. Kumar believes in me and as a student, this is needed in order to feel safe in messing up during different competencies or situations in life. The fact that Kumar has coupled a high standard with grace, mercy and flexibility shows to me that his teaching method is nothing that I have experienced before. Former CPE Intern 2024

Kumar has been so real with our cohort that at times it has seemed unreal. The experiences he has shared at times have seemed tailor made for the aspect of chaplaincy which we were dealing with at the time. He has continued to amaze and flabbergast us with his transparency and sharing. It has always been very appropriate though it has sometimes caught us off guard while really made us think about things in a real world situation he has experienced. This has strengthened in me a desire to share appropriate experiences at the right time to maximize their effectiveness. I have not recognized active transference dynamics at play. Former CPE Intern 2024

Having Kumar as my supervisor and understanding my background is helping me to see Christianity under another umbrella. He has revealed me how genuine and reasonable it is to love work but never put work above our families and always make time for self-care. Since Unit 1 until now, Kumar has been consistent. I noticed that no matter his agenda so full and his familiar compromises, he always makes it possible so that we can grow as Chaplains, which shows how professional he can be in this work. Former CPE Intern 2024

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