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Concierge Minister is designed to provide personal and customized attention to an individual or family. While most of the resources online are free, it requires time and expertise. You can choose to become a valued paying member below or make a contribution toward this ministry by using Patreon.  Click here to visit the Concierge Minister Patreon page.  

Choose your pricing plan

  • Committed Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for Individuals and Beginners
     30 day free trial
    • Personalized Spiritual Plan
    • Weekly check-in
    • Weekly newsletter with inspiration, resources
    • Group prayer time
    • Limited counseling
    • Individual prayer contact
  • Questioning Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for couples or families
     30 day free trial
    • Includes Old Testament Plan
    • 6 spiritual counselling sessions
    • Unlimited prayer sessions
    • Access to Grief group sessions
    • First access to monthly podcast
    • Free book part of book club
    • Unlimited prayer sessions
    • (pre)Marriage counseling sessions
  • Student/Senior Plan

    Every month
    Ask how to gift this plan to a loved one
     7 day free trial
    • Same as Old Testament Plan

Imagine having a pastor who developed a personalized spiritual plan and then coached you towards reaching your goals. 


Grow at your own pace. Receive one-to-one coaching. Discover how to live your best life!

Imagine have a trained counselor you could easily schedule appointments with for personal and spiritual issues.


Have a counselor "on call" for either scheduled sessions or a quick check-in 

Imagine having "member access" to special events that will deepen your faith.

special events

Access to exclusive content that is relevant to your spiritual needs 

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