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During the pandemic, I started getting bored with the same routine. Sure, I was excited to work from home, but work and home were beginning to blur. Out of sheer desperation, I started taking very long walks. My spouse and I discovered new walking trails after living in the same neighborhood for fifteen years!

During our walks, we began to take notice of different trees, leaves, birds, toads along the paths. Something was happening. We were getting old! I was surprised by my delight when a hummingbird flew up to our deck. We started using the Autobuan bird book (slightly embarrassing). I became obsessed with planting new trees, shrubs, plants that would attract more birds and butterflies.

What had gotten into me! HELP.

The truth is I was becoming less interested and dependent on computer screens, Netflix, or Twitter. I was finding joy in God's creation. Yes, I realize that the last sentence sounds as sappy as it seems. As winter approaches, it will be easy to curl up on the couch (I also believe winter is a good time for humans to hibernate and look inward) and zone out till Spring. But I want to encourage you to make a plan now before you turn into a zombie. Come up with 2-3 things that will help you grow your spiritual life. If you need some ideas or help to execute them, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

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