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Giving Tuesday - This is where I am giving

Your social media has probably blown up today with every single person you vaguely know, asking you to contribute to their worthy cause. The truth is, their non-profit is likely doing incredibly good within their circle of influence.

Here are five organizations that I give to throughout the year, and will make a year-end contribution. I have personally vetted these worthy causes.

L.A.C.E.S. is an organization that provides mentorship to war-torn countries like Liberia. It was started when Seren Fryatt, the founder, observed that children found hope and dignity while playing sports. Fourteen years later, LACES has expanded its reach by serving refugees (from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan) here in America. That is where I am involved- as a donor and volunteer during their annual summer camp. Give HERE.

Christalis, is serving children who are victims of various injustices near Kasese, Uganda. I have known Shalini, their founder, and executive director, for over twenty-five years. The impact this non-profit is making is monumental. You can learn more about their projects or contribute HERE.

Priya Ministries - When Auntie Saro and Uncle Ched (my mom's sister) retired, they started a mission project in India. They live on their humble church retirement and raise money (100% of all the funds) to support widows in India and educate children at a school they built with 422 students!. Their website is out of date, but I can assure you they are making a kingdom difference in the lives of these children and women. You can contribute here.

The Wendt Center is one of Washington DC's most inspiring and influential organizations (I am a board member). They provide support services for individuals who are experiencing grief and trauma. The keyword here is trauma. When a major incident occurs in the City, The Wendt Center is the first organization called into action. They also have a training institute that is replicating their counseling approach. I cannot say enough about the incredible, life-saving work they are doing in the nation's capital. You can GIVE HERE.

The Living Legends Awards for Service to Humanity is a local organization that finds the best in people and recognizes their efforts. In 2020, the effects of Covid magnified the food insecurity in our community. This organization stepped up (I am a board member) and partnered with numerous agencies in a short time to provide groceries for 7500 families. Incredible. The work continues, and your contribution will enable Living Legends to forge a path towards sustainability.

Concierge Minister, Inc. You didn't think I would ignore this incredible organization as a worthy cause? Founded in 2021, the purpose is to provide spiritual direction to individuals who the organized church has failed. Your contribution sows a seed - allowing someone else to benefit from the ministry. I do not take a salary. However, there are accumulated expenses as it relates to content creation, counseling, and advertising. You will be happy to know that Concierge Minister is larger than the average church in America. People have responded with great enthusiasm, recognizing that they need direction on their spiritual journey. Thank you for making a contribution that allows us to offer hope for people who have lost their faith.

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