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Inspiring Stories from the Trenches

I get to spend my time helping people discover their self-worth. So many people have a distorted view of what God thinks of them.

Here are a few stories of conversations I have been having with some individuals. All names and some details have been changed to protect the individual's experience.

  • "I need help," is what BM wrote on the Concierge Minister website chatbox. He had struck a conversation with Lloyd in the parking lot of the Centerville (Ohio) Library about life and failure. After an hour, Lloyd pulled out a Concierge Minister business card and said, "You ought to call this guy, Kumar...he can lead you to the path you are in search of." Pray for BM.

  • "Please help me," a submission came in through the Concierge Minister website. "My daughter says she is bisexual. I don't want to overreact. I want to make sure I don't lose her over this..." Pray for KD

  • I drove about an hour to meet with someone who just got out of jail two weeks ago. He is a convicted sex offender and has no support. I toured his new home and took him to lunch. He has been so far from God, but today, he said, with tears streaming down his eyes, that he cannot deny God's presence that has allowed him to get a job, an apartment within two weeks of leaving prison after four long years. We prayed for the first time in my car before I drove back home. This guy is broken. He is hanging on to threads, but there is a glimmer of faith in his heart. Please pray or BL.

  • JR has been in my online grief group for the last two years. Their exposure to Christianity is limited. I recently saw her in Los Angeles and gave her a bible that I had marked with about 50 Bible promises, with some handwritten notes to encourage her. She told me that this is what she needed. Pray for JR.

  • BR told me that they haven't prayed in years. Moreover, they haven't read their Bible for even longer. The worst part, they confessed is that they stopped feeling guilty about this a long time ago. They found the online devotional that I lead and have started participating in it. "I have grown so much from reading, but also from the comments from the other participants," they said. Pray for BR.

  • Today I received a What's App phone call from a person from India. They have recently converted to Christianity. They identify as male and queer. I had a remarkable first meeting, sharing how deep God's love is for this person. They want to join an upcoming bible study and learn more about Jesus. How amazing is that! Would you please pray for D?

I can't imagine any of these people entering a church - for many legitimate reasons. But, they know there is something more significant, grander than their existence on this earth. They are searching...seeking. Please consider making a monthly contribution to Concierge Minister Ministries so more people will learn about us and be introduced to a loving, forgiving God.

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