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New Year Resolutions

Do people still make New Year resolutions? I must admit that I am one of those people who make a list of goals every year. Yes, many of those goals fall off the radar after a week or so, but I fall in the camp that believes you should work towards making personal improvements in your life.

If you take a closer look at this photo, you'll see one of my resolutions. - Now full disclosure, many people, like me, do not share their goals because we are afraid people like you will ask us about what we revealed. So, before I go on, in the spirit of being vulnerable, I will share a few of my resolutions - with the hopes that you don't bring them up to me... So here we go.

If you look at the photo, you'll notice a cup of coffee and a spoon full of cookie dough. Okay, for the record, it was Christmas. Give me a break! But here is the reality, I realized I have a sugar addiction. There I said it!

On December 26, I stopped eating sweets. Ugh. I am going to try to avoid dessert for at least one month. I need to reboot and start over. The other thing that I am working on is my consumption of coffee. I have a weird metabolism where I can drink coffee a few minutes before bed and quickly fall asleep. Sadly, the metabolism only works with caffeine, not food!

Here are a few of my other goals for 2022

  • 30 minutes of brisk walking - 5 times a week

  • Say no to opportunities. Feed my ego in other ways.

  • Finish one book - from writing to publishing. I am working on a memoir and a book on growing spiritually. I am hoping to finish one or both this year.

  • Put the phone away while I'm at home and be present in family conversations.

Do you have any resolutions? I'd love to hear about it. Drop me a line HERE.

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