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Road to Joy - A good book recommendation

The Road to Joy

Eight Pathways of Psychospiritual Transformation

by Kevin P. McClone

There are countless self-help books you can choose that the reader may find helpful. McClone's book, The Road to Joy, maybe one of the better ones I have read in the last decade.

A former hospice chaplain, now psychotherapist, he combines the spiritual and science with ease. His personal experience of having lost his wife to cancer makes his examples fresh more poignant.

Each chapter is dedicated to a pathway the author describes as a step towards joy. Every chapter is filled with nuggets of wisdom and introspection for the reader to consider. The third pathway, Embracing Healthy Intimacy, is, in my opinion, solid gold. He discusses why men have a hard time having "intimate" relationships with one another," which forces them to be vulnerable.

McClone borrows from a wide range of traditions, from Sufism, Hinduism, Christianity, and secular scientists. I found myself underlining numerous rich quotes and circling the books he cited through the endnotes.

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