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Stories to Warm Your Giving Heart

I hope these three stories will inspire you to sow a seed in Concierge Minister.

Meet Jessica, Jason, and Michael*

The good news is I put a ton of money into this ministry to get it started. The bad news is that I will have to rely on your generous donations to keep things going.

There are three stories I want to tell you about The Pastor You've Always Wanted Without the Church has been sharing how much God loves them.

Jessica - I was writing at Panera with my thirteen-year-old daughter. As always, I was wearing a Concierge shirt that says, "Ask me to Pray for you." Later, a woman followed me out the door and asked me to pray for her. She is recently homeless, and God used me to help her with some resources. WATCH the full story here.

Bethany - People contact CM via the website weekly. Many of these folks are parents who don't know how to support their teen/adult child who recently came out as LGBTQ. This time, it was someone different. Beth told me that she was very depressed and "didn't have much to live for." Of course, this raised a flag and found a way to contact her. Even though she lives in a different country, technology allowed us to meet and begin a conversation to lead her to helpful resources and support in her community.

Javier - He wanted to know how to read the Bible and learn more about God. "Should I start from the beginning?" he asked. "No," I countered. Then I sat down and helped him understand the Bible works (Old/New Testament/ Gospels, etc.). I also invited him to join the daily bible study I facilitate. We are going to meet soon to answer questions he may have.

Okay, that is 3 out of maybe 50 stories so far. I started CM in 2021, hoping to connect with people who never attended or likely will never attend a church. How can we share the love of God with people who don't even know much about God?

*All names have been changed, and descriptions have been altered.

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