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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I try to read one book a week. In between the books are a bunch of articles that provide incredible insight into our world.

My partner gets annoyed that there are so many books and articles out there trying to teach introverts how to assimilate into the "normal" world. She asks, "Why aren't there articles for Extroverts, teaching them to shut up." Too funny!

In the new literary landscape, readers are customers, writers are service providers, and books are expected to offer instant gratification.

A neuroimaging study published in Clinical Psychological Science provides new insights into the link between anger and the functional architecture of brain networks. The new research has uncovered a collection of brain regions that are associated with variations in trait anger.

Men often don't have close friends. In heterosexual relationships, women often maintain friendships for the couple.

Glennon Doyle’s memoir inspired Adele – but do we all need to be ‘untamed’?

Psilocybin, the hallucinogen found in "magic mushrooms," helped to relieve symptoms in people with hard-to-treat depression in the largest clinical trial of its kind to date, the trial's organizers announced Tuesday (Nov. 9).

Psychology research has shown that being in a lower quality relationship — a relationship that lacks intimacy, commitment, and satisfaction — is associated with a higher likelihood of cheating on one’s partner.

You can read my book reviews HERE

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