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The Eyes of Tammy (review)

I was fortunate to receive a sneak peek of the film, The Eyes of Tammy Faye. This bio-drama delivered an extensive look at the rise and fall of this infamous televangelist couple.

Here is the weird part: I was a massive fan of the PTL show and watched their live program several times a week. What is more surprising is that I was a teenager! I loved Jimm but especially Tammy.

The film provides some new aspects to Tammy's life, such as the broken relationship with her mother. I also wasn't aware of the alleged affair she had with Gary Paxton. The few sex scenes in the movie were cringe-worthy, and I wondered what Tammy's kids, especially Jay, her son, thought of how his mother is portrayed.

After Jim Bakker was released from prison, he wrote a massive book called "I was wrong." I read the entire book when it came out and was surprised by how little he accepted responsibility for the demise of the PTL ministry.

The film is good. But the acting is AMAZING. I can't even begin to praise Jessica Chastain's portrayal of Tammy. I didn't even know it was Chastain until the final credits. Also, Andrew Garfield is masterful in his depiction of Jim.

Story: Good

Acting: Great

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