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Why do preachers want your money?

I have some super exciting news. The Concierge Minister is now a not-for-profit religious organization. Over the last eight months, I have been able to do AMAZING practical ministry outside of the doors of the Church than I ever did while babysitting the saints (I still love the saints).

This platform has allowed us to minister to a broad spectrum of people, providing "a pastor without the church."

Here are a few highlights:

*** Numerous grief counseling groups *** Prayer sessions for broken folks *** Family Support for addiction *** Training on mental health *** LGBTQ pastoral care around the world *** Online devotional groups *** Podcasts for spiritual growth ***Funerals for unchurched, dischurched families

There are so many stories that go along with those bullet points.

So why do we want your help? Because your tax-deductible contribution will support these efforts to provide pastoral care to people who don't have a pastor.

If you want to support people

*** who have questions about their faith *** lost trust in the Church *** feel far from God *** unsure of their identity *** Need a boost through counseling *** suffering the death of a loved one

I am asking you to begin support this ministry.

**Concierge Minister** DOES NOT take a salary. I promise not to buy a jet, mansion, or Nike shoes. Rest assured I buy all my clothes and shoes from Costco.

Your tax-deductible donation is used to provide HOPE for deserving people.

Message me if you have questions. I'd love to chat in detail.

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