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Thank you for partnering with Concierge Minister. If you know Kumar, you know he has a heart for helping people discover their God-given potential to live their best life (John 10:10). Much of this has happened in the context of the church, where he served as a pastor for 25 years. These days, he has taken this ministry outside of the church - literally.


When you contribute towards this ministry, you are helping to expand our reach. Thank you for your consideration. 




Why should I give to this organization? I already attend a church.

Our tag line is the pastor without the church. We are not trying to reach churchgoers. On the contrary! Would you please keep going to church if that works for you? However, if you want to support a new kind of ministry that is designed to reach people who have been hurt or burned by the church or just never found church relevant - then this is why you should give. Perhaps you have a child or grandkid who has given up on God (for now). These are the people we are reaching and reminding them that God has never given up on them.  

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes. Concierge Minister Inc is a tax-deductible religious organization. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your contribution. 


Where does the money go? 

Your contribution will be used to expand the ministry footprint of the Concierge Minister. More and more people are church orphans, but they have not given up on God. Kumar’s desire to take the church to people is the central ministry. The funds are mostly used for technology, web subscriptions, marketing, advertising, equipment for videos.


What are the salaries?

Kumar will not take a salary in 2021. The money is used to launch this ministry. Some funding is used for contractors for accounting services, education, legal and administration fees, video editors, web designers, and podcast production. 

Where can I get a copy of your budget?

Since we just started this ministry in 2021, we are putting together a rough budget to work off. We will publish our financials at the end of the year to be publicly reviewed. You can also email Kumar directly at ConciergeMinister (at) to ask specific questions.


Frequently Asked Questions 

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