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Branded Faith: Contextualizing the Gospel in a Post-Christian Era 

Christianity may be the greatest story ever told, but in Western culture it is losing ground against the powerful forces of secularization. In examining the root causes of this cultural shift, does the church have anything to learn from secular society and the business sector? 

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Steps to Discipleship 

Kumar was a contributing author to this book for young adults. He authored chapter 5, "You Can Do It." 

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Spirituality and Millennials 

Recently, our team conducted a research study asking Why young people are sticking around? We wanted to find out what keeps vibrant young Christians, who have not left, still active, and engaged in church life.

An Open Letter to Pastors 

Can churches provide spiritual care during a pandemic? Kumar wrote an open letter to pastors was published in the Best Practices newsletter in North America.

After the Loss:

Experiencing Grief 

How can you best share with family members and approach family traditions after the death of a loved one?

In Search of God 

What happens to your faith when the church forgets about you? Read Kumar's article in the Canadian Messenger magazine.

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