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The Pastor you've always wanted...without the church

Click here to read Kumar's interview in Spectrum magazine

One of the questions people ask me most frequently is, "What do pastors do all week?" That is a great question! I can assure you that we keep busy, but we tend to focus on what we enjoy doing, like most people.  Pastors, in general, are book geeks. They are academics who enjoy reading (greek) and pondering contemplative concepts. Many are introverts who find personal interactions draining; hence they avoid small talk or building meaningful relationships unless there is an emergency. 


What many pastors fail to do is connect with their church members. Sadly, many fail to visit their parishioners unless there is a dire need. People often feel like they are in a spiritual desert, walking in circles - without direction or purpose.

Do you feel lost? What you may need is a spiritual leader to guide you through the journey. 

Step 1: Spiritual Assessment 

When you sign up for a membership with Concierge Minister, you will have a comprehensive evaluation with Kumar. This "intake assessment" will include your spiritual history, ​problems you have faced, and the goals you hope to achieve. 

If you’ve heard of “concierge medicine,” you will be familiar with the model we are using. This type of ministry focuses on a personalized plan based on your spiritual history and future goals. Based on your assessment, Kumar will develop a spiritual master plan for you to follow. The beauty of Concierge Minister is that Kumar will also serve as your trainer, coach, and partner to meet your objective. 

Step 2: Counseling and Coaching 

Depending on the plan you select, you can have anywhere from six to an unlimited number of counseling sessions. Sometimes, you just need to have someone to bounce an idea off or an objective listening ear. There are other times when you need a heavy-duty tune-up. 

Kumar is a board-certified pastoral counselor and has over fifteen years of experience counseling and coaching. He is also a certified pre-marriage/marriage counselor, who can help you identify some of the strengths and areas of growth you and your partner may need to focus on. 

Step 3: Discipleship  

Have you ever subscribed to one of those ready-to-make meal plans? Are they often customizable to meet your taste preference? In the same way, you will be given opportunities to deepen your faith (called discipleship).


Throughout the year, you will be invited to participate in online Bible devotions, group prayer times, book clubs, teachings to download, service opportunities, and more. You will also receive a weekly email with a menu to pick and choose from based on your interest and availability. 

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