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My Pet Blessing

House Call Minister

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About Me

God loves your pet and so do I.  I am Kumar Dixit, and I am an ordained minister.  I love all of God's creation, humans and animals.  If pets are a special part of your family, I would like to be involved in the spiritual care of your furry loved one, and your family!



Rev. Kumar will customize a special pet blessing, asking God to pour his love upon your furry friend.  Pet friendly anointing oil and liturgy used for the whole family.  


Do not do this alone!  Your beloved pet should be remembered and memorialized by your family and close friend.  Customized memorial and burial service are available. 

Home Visits

Who doesn't like to be visited, rubbed, cuddled, given a treat! In addition, a spiritual "well visit" is designed for your pet and human.  

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About Fifi

Fifi was Rev. Kumar's three-pound MaltiPoo  She was fully grown and loved people.  She often accompanied Rev. Kumar as he lead human bereavement support groups.  

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What Pet Owners Say

"Comfort and Caring"

  Rev. Kumar provided a caring environment when we had to say farewell to Sade, our beloved Ridgeback of nine years.  He provided comfort and caring for the whole family.  

"Great Service"

I love that my pet has a minister!  How cool is that.  Coco, our Blue-Eyed Birmin was given a special blessing.  I am not a religious person, but the service made me feel like Coco was closer to God. 

Daria Cowan,

Ellicot City, MD

Julia B. 

Washington, DC

"Kind & Loving"

My kids had a hard time watching our dog, Rufas become sick.  Kumar performed a meaningful farewell ceremony with the whole family.  There were alot of tears, but the kids were more prepared to say goodbye.  

Eva K.

Takoma Park, MD

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