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A Message to the Board of Directors

Here is an excerpt from a recent letter sent to the board:

Administration and Business

  • We are officially a 501c3 organization, accepting tax-deductible contributions

  • We have opened a business bank account through PNC business banking

  • We are processing donations through the Kindful portal

  • Elcio, (one of our board members) is helping me set up the financial side, and process donations with receipts. We met this morning for an overview.

  • I hope to have our first board meeting in September. You will receive a zoom invite.

Marketing and Promotion

I have been trying some social media marketing, to test various audiences. Once I return from vacation, I will send you some analytics (just for fun).

Ministry Report

  • I have met with dozens of folks from the LGBT community, who are struggling with their identity with God, based on the poor conduct of church local members. These counseling sessions are free of charge, (through my volunteer work at Kinship International). They have been conducted by phone and zoom.

  • Created numerous video vignettes with short devotional thoughts. You can look at them on our YouTube channel.

  • Gave online sermons for Kinship, Oakridge Church, and two sermons in July for the British Columbia Campmeeting.

  • Created the Podcast Church for Atheists. You can get a quick listen here.

  • Created the Podcast Concierge Minister. You can get a quick listen here.

  • Blog and devotional content on the Concierge Minister website.

  • Daily devotional through the Bible app. I usually have about 10-12 people join for the various sessions.

  • Online devotional for the LGBTQ community. They are about 10 days long and run once a month.

  • I run a grief group 4-6 times a year. They are averaging 4-5 attendees. This is a closed group, so the participants much commit to 8-week sessions.

More to come...

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