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Articles I Read on Grief

As a bereavement counselor, I read a lot of books and articles on the subject of grief. Grief is so highly individualized, that every person experiences their own journey.

Author Emily Listfield writes about the physical impact of experiencing loss — and her journey to alleviate those effects.

Marginalized communities are affected by loss in unique and painful ways. Here's how, plus some resources for coping.

Consider funeral etiquette, emotional impact when a former significant other or spouse dies

I'm A Death Doula — Here's What It Means To Grieve Mindfully & Why It Matters

Holding a partner’s hand while processing painful memories can weaken the lasting effects of emotional pain

Learning to Honor My Grief When the World Has Become Desensitized to Loss

Michelle Zauner’s Crying in H Mart shows the possibilities and limitations of the food memoir.

Learn more about the summer grief here HERE

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