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Book Review - Matrix

Fans of ancient church history may enjoy this novel by award winning author, Lauren Groff.

Book Review Matrix by Lauren Groff

Upon reading how this book was conceived, I immediately pre-ordered Lauren Groff's new novel, Matrix. Her commercial success is founded not only on genuine story-telling but her unimaginable use of language.

In Matrix, she doesn't disappoint. The story takes place in the Middle Ages, where Marie de France, a teenager, considered too ugly is rough around the edges, is banished to England to live in an abbey with other nuns. There is another motivation for the queen to expel the youth that will be revealed in the story.

The story follows the developments of Marie's life. Her tenacity to rebuild the Abbey after a period of poverty led to a burgeoning organization that became wealthy and highly respected. Unable to trust men with their lies and sexual depravity, Marie constitutes a 'no man allowed on the premises and constructs an infantry of well-equipped female warriors who can complete any task, including priestly responsibilities - all against the wishes of the queen.

The Harvard Gazette mentions that Groff initially discussed the book's themes with scholar Katie Bugyis while attending a Radcliffe Fellowship. I was interested in how Groff would recount medieval Christianity, interspersed with femininity, sexuality, and power themes. Let's say Groff does not disappoint. Grade A

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