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If You Are a Parent: READ THIS

If you’re a parent read this!

I was suspended every year between grades 6-12 sometimes twice. My biology teacher yelled at me and shouted in front of the class that I was a loser, he knew about my family, and I was destined for failure like the rest of them. (I forgave him, but still think he’s an ass). I walked out of class and dropped out of school for a month.

I was expelled my sophomore year while attending a boarding school. My senior year, I discovered that when I was expelled from 10th grade it happened the week before final exams and I never took my finals. I had to drive back up to the boarding school to take my finals, two years later.

I found out on a Friday, that I would be allowed to march for commencement on Sunday.

I once beat up a guy so badly, and punched him in the throat, that his family called the police to press charges, for attempted murder. The only good thing that came out of that was the parents agreed not to press charges if I started to get counseling. I survived decades of physical and mental abuse under the hands of a lunatic - my father, someone who was supposed to protect and love me.

It took eight years to graduate from college. I paid for every penny- took loans, worked two jobs, and finally finished. People mocked me and teased me for taking so long. I have experienced suicidal ideation for years. I’m on a cocktail of medications, see a therapist weekly (sometimes twice a week).

I have PTSD from my childhood, among other traumas.

And yet, I finished college. Conquered a master’s degree. Earned a doctorate. Wrote a book. Loved by my wife of twenty years. Created three wonderful human beings to show love and help them experience protection, and provision.

I once asked my mom, how did she survive my awful teenage years. Her response: “I kept praying for you son.”

So when you’re just about to give up on your kid and wonder if all those tears and endless nights are worth the pain. Remember, God created your child. Now get on your knees and keep praying.

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