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Making an Impact

Three short stories to inspire you:

These stories were shared in a correspondence with board members of Concierge Minister.

Today I received a What's App phone call from someone from India. They have recently converted to Christianity, and very soon after, discovered the Adventist Church, along with Kinship International. They identify as male and queer. I had a wonderful first meeting, sharing how deep God's love is for this person, even though they have been hurt by family and the newly joined church. They want to join the upcoming bible study and have bible studies in the near future. How amazing is that! Please pray for D.

Later this afternoon, I drove about an hour to meet with someone who just got out of jail 2 weeks ago. He is a convicted sex offender and literally has no support. I toured his new home (in the hood, very scary), and took him to lunch. He has been so far from God, but today, he said, with tears streaming down his eyes, that he cannot deny God's presence that has allowed him to get a job, an apartment within 2 weeks of leaving prison after four long years. We prayed for the first time in my car, before I drove back home. This guy is broken. He has very little to live for but is hanging on to threads. Please pray or M.

T. has been in my online grief group for the last 2 years. She is not a Christian and knows very little about the Christian story. She is into Tarro cards, astrology, and other eastern ideas. And yet, she has been open to faith, with the very little I share in my group. This week, I am flying to LA, and going to see her during my visit (she moved there about a year ago). I have a special bible for her and have marked it with about 50 Bible promises, with some handwritten notes to encourage her. I am praying she accepts this gift. Even if she never opens it up, it will be a physical reminder that God is present in her life. Pray for T.

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