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Secret Confession

It’s been about 3 years since I really connected with Christian music. I definitely haven’t sung along with the music for probably 4 years. Most of it has felt shallow, formulaic, and most annoyingly - whiny.

I’ve still listened to it faithfully in the car, while the kids are with me. Otherwise, I listen to podcasts and books.

To be very honest, I haven’t missed listening to it. Kari Jobe, Elevation, Bethel didn’t connect with my heart any longer. (One exception is Lecrae).

Something happened today in church. Wowsers. I had a strong feeling of the Holy Spirit flutter through my feet, and the jolt moved up through me. I recognized that feeling. It felt good. It felt close and familiar.

It didn’t last long. But I experienced it. I hope they return again.

Note: Do you feel lost? Have you forgotten that feeling, and want to feel it again? Contact Kumar to discuss more.

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