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Sunday 7

As you start your week and prepare for a busy work week, I wanted to share a few things that may brighten your day.

1. If you are looking to read a short inspirational devotion, click here. Feel free to share with your friends.

2. If you are looking to donate to a worthy cause, I implore you to contribute to LACES, an incredible organization that I personally give to, and volunteer with. This week they will be hosting refugee kids through a day soccer camp. Most of these kids are from war-torn countries, who have witnessed the worst of humanity. Play, through soccer is a safe outlet to provide support, meals, and love. Read about their work in The Washington Post, NPR, CNN.

3. Speaking of money. You can return your tithes and offerings here. Make a contribution to The Concierge Minister and support the life-changing work we are doing. Find out why II am not taking a salary this year, and still buy my (cool) clothes from Costco.

4. I will be speaking the Wave Tent (virtual) in British Columbia this week (Wed/Thu). You can watch my talks via Facebook or YouTube.

The first sermon is called, Stuck in the Middle, from Exodus 24; based on the life and calling of Joshua. The second sermon is called, Finding Joy in the Middle of Impending Disaster, based on Numbers 13.

5. Join a new online devotional with me, called Undaunted, starting July 30. It takes about 10 minutes a day.

6. Sign up for the upcoming LGBTQ/Kinship online devotion that begins August 14.

7. Listen to this engaging conversation with the author of The Great Sex Rescue.

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